This post will be the first of a series on my Dell XPS 13 laptop (series 2015). The idea is to document its configuration, in the hope that might be useful for someone; even if it's just a future me having to re-setup the whole thing.

The Hardware

The XPS 13 is my first laptop I bought with my first hard-earned money. So far it's worth every cent of it; all hundred thousands of them. To be precise, I got the developer version with i5, 8GB RAM and 256 SSD and the non-touch screen. Even though, the screen is not “retina” it still is the best screen I own. From a normal viewing distance I can't see any pixel roughness. The thin border gives the whole laptop an elegant design.

The case is slim and light. Afaik it is made of carbon covered in rubber, which gives it a really nice feel and touch. The same is true for the keyboard that has a surprising good feel (though my das keyboard is obviously much better). Unfortunately, out of the box, the keyboard and the touchpad are hardly usable on the preinstalled Ubuntu 14.04. The keyboard repeats characters and the pointer randomly jumps across the screen. The former problem can be fixed with a BIOS update. The later I fixed by switching from Ubuntu to Arch Linux. The Arch community maintains an excellent wiki page for this laptop, which is a must-read also for other distributions.

The only thing that bothers me slightly is that the laptop gets warm, when plugged in and showing youtube videos. Sensors show that the CPU heats up to 65°C which is unpleasantly on the lap.